The software SPACING can be used, among other things, to calculate the minimum safety spacing required to avoid a collision between two vehicles with given characteristics when the first vehicle performs hard braking. It has an extensive graphical user interface which allows a beginner to get acquainted with the software easily. To obtain a copy of the software, use the link below. It is a zipped file which has the executable code and setup instructions.

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Six-Degree of Freedom Nonlinear F-16 Aircraft Model

This is a Matlab-based software package for a six – degree of freedom nonlinear F-16 fighter aircraft model developed by Ying Huo, a graduate student from University of Southern California. It is based on the F-16 model in [1, 2] with minor modifications.

This software cannot be used for any commercial purpose without the prior permission of the author.
The use of the software in any publication or report should be acknowledged.

[1]. Brian L. Stevens, Frank L. Lewis, Aircraft Control and Simulation, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1992
[2]. Nguyen, L.T., et al., Simulator study of stall/post-stall characteristics of a fighter airplane with relaxed longitudinal static stability, NASA Tech. Pap. 1538, NASA, Washington, D.C., Dec. 1979

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