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Space Transportation 

Project 1

Control of Segmented Telescope Test-bed


Supported by NASA under subcontract with California State University, Los Angeles

Segmented telescopes offer potential for building large and much more powerful telescopes than currently available. On the ground, segmentation allows the construction of much larger primary mirrors and therefore much more powerful
telescopes. A segmented telescope is also suitable for space use as it could be assembled in space making it easier to transport. Figure 1 shows an example of deployed segmented telescope in space.

In this project, a segmented telescope test-bed shown in Figure 2 developed in the Structures Pointing and Control Engineering Laboratory (SPACE) at California State University, Los Angeles. The test-bed is used for control testing and experiments. The purpose of this project is to develop decentralized adaptive control as well as failure detection, isolation and reconfiguration control techniques for shape and pointing control. Figure 2: Segmented telescope test-bed.
Figure 1: An example of deployed segment
telescope in space.         
Figure 2: Segmented telescope test-bed


   Reports and Papers:

 1. A. Abdullah and P. Ioannou, "Real-Time Control of a Segmented Telescope Test-Bed", CATT Technical Report No. 04-03-02 (pdf), submitted to IEEE Control Systems Magazine, April 2003.

2. P. Ioannou, Kun Li, Ali Abdullah, Rama Rhagavendra, Baris Fidan, "Decentralized and Reconfiguration Control for Large Scale Systems with Application to a Segmented Telescope Test-Bed". Final Report to California State University, Los Angeles.