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Prof. Petros Ioannou
Associate Directors Prof. Randolph Hall
Prof. James Moore
School of Engineering 
  Prof. Frederick Browand: Vehicle aerodynamics
  Prof. Maged Dessouky:
Dr. Dessouky has an in-depth theoretical and practical understanding of models and heuristic methods for transportation system optimization. He is currently an investigator on several transit-related projects, including the NSF-sponsored Real-time Scheduling of Demand Responsive Systems Project. He received his Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering from University of California, Berkeley, and M.S. and B.S. degrees from Purdue University. He
is the Area Editor of Planning and Scheduling for the International Journal of Computers & Industrial Engineering.
   Prof. Fokion Egolfopoulos: Combustion efficiency and pollution
   Prof. Gerald Fleischer: Port Technologies
   Prof. Randolph Hall:
Transportation operations and systems analysis
   Prof. Petros Ioannou: Vehicle dynamics and control; traffic flow control; Agile Ports
  Prof. Laurent Itti
We are developing neuromorphic vision algorithms with applications to the visually-guided control of autonomous robotics vehicles. Algorithms mimic the known attributes of early visual pathways in the primate brain, and focus on topics that include attracting attention towards conspicuous scene elements, recognizing objects and actors at attended scene locations, recognizing actions in dynamic scenes, quickly deriving the gist and coarse layout of a scene from a single frame, and biasing the visual analysis of a scene based on high-level behavioral goals. 
   Prof. Yan Jin: Ship Technologies
   Prof. Behrokh Khoshnevis: Computer simulation and planning
   Prof. Bark Kosko: Fuzzy logic and vehicle control
   Prof. Elias Kosmatopoulos: Agile Ports
   Prof. Peter Lissaman: Vehicle design
   Prof. Florian Mansfield: Electrochemistry and fuel cells
   Prof. Geoffrey Martin: Geotechnical aspects of earthquake engineering
   Prof. Sami Masri:
Modeling and control of nonlinear infrastructure systems;
monitoring an structural health assessment
of transportation systems.
   Prof. Najmedin Meshkati: Human factors in control rooms design
   Prof. James E. Moore, II: Transportation engineering and land use planning
Professor Moore does fundamental research on the engineering economic aspects of large-scale transportation and land use systems, including seismic risk analysis for transportation networks. Most recently, Professor Moore has collaborated with others in the development of a large scale land use and transportation model of the Los Angeles region for predicting post-earthquake transportation flows. He also applies associative memories and other connectionist computing schemes to the advanced transportation management objectives supported by intelligent vehicle highway systems. He publishes extensively in the transportation engineering and urban planning literatures
   Prof. Mansour Rahimi: Human factors in vehicle design
Dr. Rahimi is interested in the human side of advanced transportation systems. This includes issues related to safety technology (design and evaluation), system safety engineering (reliability, hazard analysis, failure analysis), human-computer interaction (in-vehicle information technology, cognitive load and driver distraction, usability evaluation and testing). He is also interested in studying the environmental impact of transportation systems (Life-Cycle Analysis, Design for Environment, environmental supply chain and information technology).
   Prof. Paul Ronney: Internal combustion engines and control systems
   Prof. John Silvester: System architecture and simulation
   Prof. Theodore Tsotsis
   Prof. Yan Xiao: Earthquake resistant design of bridges and structures
 School of Communication 
   Prof. Sandra J. Ball-Rokeach: Mass media and media intervention
 School of Policy, Planning & Development 
   Prof. Genevieve Giuliano: Transportation planning and policy analysis
   Prof. Peter Gordon: Economic impact modeling and transportation
   Prof. Dowell Myers: Urban growth and development
   Prof. Harry Richardson: International planning and development
Integrated Media Systems Center